Who we are

Our Mission

We make it our mission to supply products that lead in quality, cost, and customer satisfaction.
Over recent years, our distribution strategy has matured to encompass both wholesale and retail approaches while expanding sector participation customer service thus, we invest in comprehensive training for our work force We are determined to provide you with exceptional customer service. Thus, we invest in comprehensive training for our work force.
EATH works agitatedly to provide a variety of value-added goods at an affordable price through our physical stores and our e-commerce platform, which will be launched in the coming months and regularly expand to other sub-cities.
With the emphasis of our extraordinary work force, we continuously analyze stock levels and optimize purchases, which help our company deliver its services flawlessly and ensure the financial stability of the business.

Mission statement

Our mission is to become a key pillar to the FMCG .
and construction industry that strives for the lion’s share of the market.

Our Vision

our vision is to become the leading industrial group in the region
by being the front runners in all our sectors, and to position the enterprise competitively in the dynamic business global environment.

Chairman’s Statement

Welcome to the East African Holding group of companies. Our family of companies is based on the core values of investing in people, providing exceptional products and services to customers, protecting our environment, and leaving a legacy to the next generation. Our companies succeed through cooperation and innovation the lives of stakeholders with community involvement and focus on new technologies.

Buzuayehu T.Bizenu

CEO’s Statement

EATH’s historical and future success is grounded in our collective commitment to our core values. These values include customers, efficiency, respect, teamwork, accountability, innovation and integrity. We are committed as an organization to the highest ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.  
Currently, EATH constantly changing and driving to provide innovative solutions for our customers, however our drive for success must always be grounded in lawful and ethical conduct. All EATH leaders, including myself, have the additional responsibility of nurturing a culture in which compliance with our code is constant and unwavering.

Fasil Yisehak

Organizational Structure

Corporate Social Responsibility

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