East African Holding has been at the forefront of industrialization and economic development in Ethiopia for more than 2 decades. The enterprise was established as an umbrella company comprising subsidiary companies that operate in a variety of sectors, such as the manufacturing of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture, agroprocessing, printing & packaging, logistics, real estate, cement production, and coal mining. East African Holding is also involved in the export of various types of washed Ethiopian coffee and has a coffee roasting and packing facility to supply the local market. While engaged in such diverse economic activities, EAH is continuously evolving and strengthening its position as a major contributor to the development of the private sector in Ethiopia. As part of its strategic plan, EAH is heading for major expansion and diversification projects through mega industries of national importance, such as large-scale mining and commercial farming, which will significantly contribute to the continuing industrialization of the nation.


EAST AFRICAN TRADING HOUSE is established with the aim of impacting the nation under the umbrella of East African Holding’s share company. East African Trending House (EATH) is Ethiopia’s foremost and most widespread distributor and wholesealer of FMCG.

National cement is a committed organization that aspires to consistently manufacture and deliver Clinker, OPC and PPC cement products and services that satisfy stated, generally implied and obligatory requirements of domestic as well as overseas customers and other interested parties by establishing and continually improving a quality management system based on ISO 9001-2015.

EAST AFRICAN AGRI-BUSINESS, a member of East African Holdings, has its well-designed strategic plans to be a major investor in agrobusiness in Ethiopia, both in agricultural products and process industries.

Under the umbrella of its iconic Black Lion master brand, East African Agribusiness PLC, member of EAH, recently launched the BLACK LION COFFEE. At Black Lion we select, roast and market the finest, and freshest, 100% Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans for local and international markets.

In 2011, EAG formed a joint venture partnership with Tiger Brands, a leading South African FMCG’s company, in order to upgrade its capacity and remain competitive in the long run by being able to the upgrade the necessary capacity, do major expansions works, and also taking into consideration the significant knowledge and technology transfer it will gain from the partnership to help develop new green field and new products, which will significantly contribute to the value addition to its current product lines. This newly formed joint venture entity was established as East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC

COSMAR EAST AFRICA BUSINESS Share Company operates a skin care, hair care and oral care manufacturing. The Company integrated with plastic bottle, jar and cap production plant.

EAST AFRICAN COAL MINING Corporation was formed to engage in the mining sector eyeing the huge potential of various minerals with large deposits available throughout the country that are still unexplored and untapped.

EAIP is established under one of the largest and leading home grown industrial conglomerates that is playing a prominent role in industrialization of the country called East African Holding (EAH). The park has Agro-processing, textile/garment/apparel, fast moving consumer goods, mining & construction materials, logistics & e-commerce, packaging, furniture and automotive manufacturing & assembly subsectors

ETHIO-ASIAN INDUSTRIES is one of the leading and major producers of soap and detergent in the country with significant market shares. The company has continually upgraded its production capacity and technology and today produces a range of various laundry soaps, toilet soaps and detergents.

Lemi National Cement PLC currently is a member of the joint venture formed between East African Holding and West International Holding (WIH), a multi-billion stock market listed Chinese industrial enterprise.When the cement projects are completed within 2024, East African Holding will alone be able to cover more than 50% of the current cement demand of Ethiopia.

EAST AFRICAN PROPERTIES, a member of the EAH Group, has made a commitment to develop and deliver homes of unique, customizable, highly functional design and impeccable quality, employing sustainable practices and embodying the highest standards of modern building techniques.

BIZENU INVESTMENTS PLC is one of EAH Share Company specializing in Investments, Custom clearance and transit services, Local and Foreign procurement, sales and distribution of goods and other related trading activities, and public and Cargo transport services, General Import and Export Services, Business Commission agent, Warehousing services and Participation in various auctions and goods delivery services

National Transport is the logistics arm of the east African holdings conglomerate that is engaged in diversified sectors including but not limited to agriculture & agro processing, mining, building materials production, real estate, and sales and distribution.
It applies a high level of focus on order accuracy and accountability from inception to the final mile. 

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