Team Values

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Our Team

EADH is governed by a board of directors which consists of Directors that are shareholders, Directors who are not shareholders and Directors that are executive staff. EADH prides itself in the extensive experience, high level of knowledge and leadership skills of its Board of Directors.
The company’s executive Senior, middle and junior management team comprises of highly talented, ambitious, and intelligent professionals who are passionate about business and committed to driving the company’s vision by exerting strong efforts towards personal, team, organizational and community development.

The EADH’s HR strategy is focused on acquiring talent and ambition, harnessing the highest potential in people, building leadership skills at every level, cultivating achievement through continuous coaching and training as well as retaining a high-caliber human asset base by recognizing and rewarding performance consistently.
Currently, EADH is comprised of 150 permanent employees with a plan to grow annually along with its expansion.

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Team Values

Driven: In alignment with our value chain, international standards, we aim to be architects for Ethiopia’s wholesale and distribution sector. Our team consists of highly accomplished, ambitious and dedicated professionals.

Satisfy Each Customer: committed to satisfy and exciting customers everywhere in Ethiopia.

Build Win-Win partnership: establish a win-win partnership with our stakeholders and mutually benefit from the relationship we create with our stakeholders.

Honor people First: we consider the needs of others and value the diversity of thoughts, experiences and perspectives with in our organization.

Socially Responsible: We have strict ethical principles and comply with the letter and intention of the law. Our vision is to advance and develop the communities that we serve, as well as our country. In order to do this, we demand the highest ethical standards from our employees and partners.