Our Value Propositions

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EADH’s latent competitive advantage in the distribution sector remains to be East African Distribution House brand name which is a widely known and strongly associated with Tea, Home care and personal care products across the nation.

Growth Unprecedented reach to regions of Ethiopia

  • Partnering with EADH allows your business to gain unmatched access to a large consumer base for your products in Ethiopia. EADH is increasingly becoming the obvious choice for FMCG producers as a dependable and proficient distributor.

Reliability Professional counterpart in line with international standards

  • We will endeavor to ensure your company is served accurately and professionally according to international best business practices.
  • Is the only institutionalized distribution company in Ethiopia

Efficiency Focus on efficiency to optimize value-for-money

  • We put efficiency at the heart of our operations. All members of our team collaborate closely in order to achieve synergy in all we do and to deliver tangible results to our partners within the shortest time frame.