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Environment, Social and Governance


As one of the leading FMCG business, we East African Distribution House do care about the environment we live in, the social responsibilities we are obliged to and governance issues we should work on.

Social Responsibilities

We; East African Distribution House believe supporting and empowering women is educating families and community at large. When women are empowered, they are pioneer for change, they will change their kids, their families, their neighbors, their kebele/worda community.

Reaching Vulnerable Women

Government and other international organization are trying to mintage and reduce the city poverty. It’s a fact that a lot of work must be done to overcome the challenges of the city.  Particularly women and children are the victims of the livelihood expense of the city.

Government did launch a small and micro enterprise to support these vulnerable women and their families. However, the expected achievements are yet still to come.

As East African Distribution House, we want to serve our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by introducing new project named ‘Besh be Addis Amet A’nd Ermija’ that meets these vulnerable women.

This model

  • Engages 30 up to 40 vulnerable women (unemployed, returnees of illegal migrants, less fortunate, disabilities)
  • Provides 50 Square feet platform area for the women to run their business
  • Sale day to day Household Groceries (FMCGs) to the community and retail shops for each 116 woreda’s with built in new stores/shops
  • Provides Best Quality Goods that will limits harmful copy goods produced in a black market
  • Has 5 operational branches to maximize the reach of products and services adequately to the community