Distribution Network

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From modest beginning in Addis Ababa, EADH is now present in 16 major cities and established 21 institutionalized wholesale and distribution branches. Our expansion ensures, partnering with EADH is a sure way to ease the stress involved in reaching every retail outlet across Ethiopia. Instead of struggling through crowds and various distributors/ agents to reach every corner of Ethiopia and place products across the country, deal with EADH to see the difference.

EADH’s wholesale and Distribution Network Operation

  • Growth: As the country’s foremost distributor and wholesaler, EADH is continuously moving to each retail outlets through branch expansion and ensures its presence across the nation.  
  • Efficient: Win at Point of Sale through aggressive Route To Market approach and efficient logistics operation approach and maintain maximum delivery and coverage of the market is always puts at the heart of our operations, working with EADH is simply a breeze.
  • Reachable: Established 21 distribution branches in 16 major Ethiopian Cities and nationwide expansions is underway, wherever retail outlets are reaches EADH easily.
  • Professionalism: our versatile disciplined and dedicated staffs are always at your disposal to help make your business deal with EADH worthy and smooth so that you can spend less time dealing with multiple distributors and concentrate on product innovation and increasing sales.
  • Large –To accommodate our extensive products placement across the nation, our distribution branches are large enough to store buffers stock and well-ordered with comprehensive insurance coverage.  

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