Welcome to a world of abundance!

Besh Gebeya is an authentic wholesale brand, offering a massive platform for consumers owned and administered by EATH. Besh Gebeya provides cash and carry service across our premium one-stop shops. “Besh” stands for abundance, and “Gebeya” is typically associated with all outdoor markets, markets typically with sales of important commodities such as food, personal care, home care, and other goods.

Our vision is to become the most preferred sales and distribution company in the Horn of Africa.

To became a key pillar in the FMCG and construction industries that strive for the lion’s share of the market.

In Besh Gebeya, our department functions are essential for making informed decisions, managing risks, and achieving financial goals.

with three branches in remote areas around the capital city and 1 branch in Bahirdar don’t hesitate to take a visit 

We are working agitatedly to be the most preferred sales and Distribution Company in the horn of Africa. With the change in times and the need for transformation, we are now converting our distribution wholesale outlets to a modern cash and carry shops. To Date, Besh Gebeya inaugurated four cash and carry centers, three are in Addis Ababa and one in Bahirdar, the epic center of FMCG distribution path towards the northern Ethiopia.

Besh gebeya with its ability to reach millions of our esteemed end customers distributing our valued- added goods and services values with the modern concept of cash and carry stores which is a major factor that attracts the attention of many other brands to build a long-lasting partnership and stream an established distribution channel. With our reputation in the FMCG market and with the help of East African group we were able to secure prime locations in the city. Our store is continuously being renovated and adjusted to a more convenient retail environment and to enhance our customers shopping experience.

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